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I make your offer sound irresistible.

Build a more profitable business with high-converting copy that moves customers from “Hmm, maybe” to “Holy moly, I need this!”

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

(aka The Copy Machine)

As a former foreign languages teacher, I've spent years opening young people’s eyes to the value of speaking another language.

(Seriously, even the most *unwilling* teenagers abandoned their everyone-speaks-English-anyway attitude in favour of shouting an enthusiastic "Guten Morgen" across the busy corridors!) 


As your copywriter, I’ll use the same tactics to engage your audience, help them see the *true* value of your offer, and make your “Buy Now” button totally un-turn-down-able.


Ready to increase engagement, capture more leads, AND boost conversions?


Let's have a chat to see how I can help your business grow.





Raving Reviews

Feeling skeptical? Don't worry, I totally get it—I've had trust issues ever since the Tooth Fairy

forgot to show up for my sixth lost tooth.

But bigging myself up feels kind of icky, so I asked some other (trustworthy) folks to do it for me.

(I *promise* I didn’t even have to bribe them with cookiesthough, note to self: I do make good cookies...)

Kate Sitarz testimonial
Sophie Shepherd testimonial
Dr. Rentea testimonial
Jennifer Dent Brown testimonial
Carli De La Cruz testimonial

Are you a dedicated podcaster?

Find out how you can boost visibility, drive more organic traffic, and build a bigger audience through effective podcast promotion...


In the Limelight

Sometimes, cool people invite me to speak about cool things.
Check out some of my recent features!

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If you're anything like Brandi, you're a business owner who's stretched thin and needs things done, well...yesterday!

Don't worry—getting started won't add to your plate.

It's quick, easy, and hassle-free.

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