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If you’re reading this, you might be interested in dipping your toes in the wonderful world of copywriting...


But, if you're anything like I was, you're probably also wondering if Nicki Krawczyk is just another internet "guru" trying to scam you out of money.

Spoiler: Her surname might be trying to scam you out of Scrabble points, but rest assured Nicki is NOT trying to scam you out of money. Without her mentorship, I wouldn’t have the thriving copywriting career I have today (or be able to pay my bills). 

But I totally understand the scepticism if you're questioning, "Is this copywriting training *really* legit?"

"Replace your full-time income!", "Never go into the office again!", "Make 6-figures from home!"

Yep, it does seem a little *too* good to be true...

But fast forward nearly two years from buying the course, I have not only replaced my previous full-time teaching income (and then some!), I've done it working PART-TIME!

I can work when I want, where I want, and in whichever pyjamas I choose.

And I still have heaps of energy left over to entertain my rather energetic toddler (which I know would simply NOT be the case as a burnt out teacher).

The exciting twist? I've somehow come full circle and I'm now working as a copywriter for the Filthy Rich Writer team (how did I bag that one?!).

So, I can now truly say with confidenceas a CCA student and FRW team memberThis is NOT a scam!

And since joining Filthy Rich Writer team as a freelance copywriter in 2023, I’ve seen first-hand just how many lives are impacted by the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy (CCA), like this six-figure copywriter now living her best life in Cyprus!

frw ad.png

So, tell me you're not just a teeeeny tiny bit curious if you could do this too?

Click the button below to watch the exact same video that kickstarted my new, AMAZING career in copywriting. 


But be warned, it might not be long before you become "filthy rich" too (aka having a job you love, doing it well, and being paid well for what you do).

Reminder: This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme (there are enough of those around)—it's learning real skills to start an actual career. So yes, there will be *some* effort required on your part—but you still get to do it in your pyjamas ;)

So, if you're willing to just explore the possibility of creating a new life, check out the video below and see if it sparks the same fire inside of you as it did for me.

Is Filthy Rich Writer a Scam?
(And is Nicki Krawczyk the Real Deal?!)

Want to hear my full story?

Check out my podcast interview with Nicki and Kate to find out how the CCA paved my escape route out of teaching, allowing me to enjoy more freedom and flexibility as a new mom. Plus, you'll hear all about the pitch that helped me land a client I *never* thought was possible...

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