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Pitch-A-Palooza Social Posts
Filthy Rich Writer


Filthy Rich Writer is an online resource for new and aspiring copywriters, dedicated to providing tips, tools, and training to help people create the careers of their dreams. Its signature course, the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, offers step-by-step guidance and support for building a copywriting career that fits your lifestyle, values, and goals.

Their annual, student-only Pitch-A-Palooza event Pitch-a-palooza is designed to get students from this course (as well as their Freelance Success Framework course) finding and landing their first clients. The client needed a series of social posts to inform students about the focus of each week of the event to encourage them to watch the trainings and join the live Q&As.


When crafting social media posts that resonated with both Comprehensive Copywriting Academy (CCA) and Freelance Success Framework (FSF) students, I made sure to acknowledge the universal struggle of pitching for freelancers.


The posts aimed to instill confidence and motivation by emphasizing the importance of direct client outreach and the potential for growth and success through action.

In the posts, a careful balance was struck between empathy and encouragement, acknowledging common fears and reservations about pitching while also highlighting the necessity and benefits of taking proactive steps. By avoiding industry-specific terminology, the messaging remained inclusive, ensuring relevance to both copywriters and freelancers across various fields.

Additionally, the posts were designed to create anticipation and engagement by outlining the weekly focus of Pitch-A-Palooza and promoting participation in live training sessions. The ultimate goal was to empower students with practical guidance and support, enabling them to develop personalized pitching strategies and overcome barriers to success in their freelance endeavors.

The posts provided a cohesive and inclusive communication strategy to motivate CCA and FSF students to engage with Pitch-A-Palooza and take decisive action towards advancing their freelance careers.

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