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SaaS Product Launch
Affiliate Emails


Email 1:

subject line email 1 saas.png


The client is a digital marketing strategist who has just launched a SaaS tool (a white label of GoHighLevel) and needed two emails that her affiliates could send to their list to promote the tool.


I set out to craft two emails that resonated with the target audience's pain points: overspending on various marketing tools and grappling with slow-loading pages. Additionally, I wanted to highlight OptimaFunnels' key benefits, such as increasing leads, boosting sales, and improving customer retention.

The client asked for a conversational and positive tone, so I made sure to keep the language informal but still authoritative in presenting the solution.

In Email #1, I addressed the frustration of managing multiple tools by highlighting the simplicity of having an all-in-one tool. I painted a picture of entrepreneurs overwhelmed by subscriptions and patchwork solutions, offering OptimaFunnels as the solution to streamline their marketing efforts and house everything they need in one place.

Email #2 focused on the financial strain of multiple subscriptions. I emphasized the affordability and efficiency of OptimaFunnels, positioning it as the solution to save money and time. I highlighted its ability to enhance growth and effectiveness, aligning with the client's objectives of empowering entrepreneurs to succeed.

Email 2:

subject line email 2 saas.png
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