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Wayza Health

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Wayza Health's mission is to empower women to prioritize health, not weight, and to promote a world where everyone can thrive, regardless of their size. The focus is on breaking free from diet culture, enjoying vibrant health, and challenging the weight stigma that affects us all.


The client created a freebie called “How To Stay Sane Around Food During The Holidays” and wanted me to craft the copy for a Facebook ad to promote this lead magnet and get people to sign up to watch the video. The tone needed to be friendly, approachable, and authoritative, painting them as a trustworthy expert.


The goal was to connect deeply with the audience's feelings about food during the holidays, recognizing the emotional and psychological challenges associated with food at this time, and offer them a friendly, empowering way out of the stress. I wanted to show them there’s a way to enjoy their holidays without the guilt diet culture often brings.


I started by linking the loss of holiday joy directly to diet culture. This grabs the audience right away, making them feel understood.

The ad is very benefit-driven, listing all the transformative outcomes of engaging with the free training. Each point is a response to a deeply felt need or pain point, from overcoming guilt and stress related to holiday eating to embracing body positivity and self-control. 

I made sure to tell people they could watch, listen, or read the training, making it super accessible for everyone, no matter how busy they may be at this time of year.


Total ad spend: $554.88

Link clicks: 692

Subscriptions: 566

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