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Course Launch Email Sequence & Sales Page 

Rentea Metabolic Clinic

Email Sequence:
Sales Page:
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The client is an obesity medicine physician who wanted to launch a new, non-clinical, 6-week coaching program. This was a deep dive into the different aspects of metabolic and mindset health for long term metabolic and weight loss success. To launch this new program, the client needed a sales page that would encourage people to convert and an email sequence that would move people towards making the decision to purchase.


After conducting research into the target audience,  I identified some of the key struggles, including incessant food chatter, dilemmas over food choices, an overemphasis on exercise, battles with emotional eating, conflating self-worth with physical appearance, and a rigid belief in a singular solution to weight-related issues.

With this understanding, I devised an email sequence which was structured to guide potential participants seamlessly towards enrollment. It began with building excitement around the program, followed by unveiling the offer and providing detailed information about its structure and benefits. Subsequent emails delved into addressing the audience's pain points, tackling objections, and including opportunities for personalized engagement to build trust and connection. I also showcased testimonials to share real-life success stories and build credibility. Finally, a sense of urgency was created to prompt action, ensuring potential participants didn't miss out on the opportunity for transformative change.

The sales page for the Metabolic and Mindset Mastermind program was carefully crafted to resonate with people seeking solutions to weight loss challenges who feel let down by the conventional healthcare system. Like the email sequence, the page addressed common struggles such as food chatter, emotional eating, and self-worth issues tied to body image, reframing weight loss as a complex issue. I focused on the promised transformation through the program, highlighting the deep benefits like improved energy and mental clarity. Clear call to actions prompted visitors to enroll in the program and embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable health and well-being.

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