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Laura Conley - The Yummy Mummy Podcast

After finally cracking the code to losing weight for the last time, Laura is on a mission to free all the moms out there who struggle like she did with a negative relationship with food and their body. Laura runs a coaching program called The Yummy Mummy Experience which helps women to find their dream-come-true weight and stay that way.

The podcast promotion materials were needed to boost downloads of the podcast, and to help promote the coaching program. The project needed to capture the very unique brand voice and the fun nature of Laura's personality. The client also emphasised the desire to have SEO optimized content in these materials (title, description and blog) to increase visibility and drive more organic traffic.



It was essential to get the voice right for these materials and so I was careful in observing Laura's general communications with her audience and listening carefully to the podcast itself to pick up on more Laura-isms I could use in the promotion package. The emails have seen great success, with an average open rate of over 40%.

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