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Early Payoff Payment Plan
Email Series 

Filthy Rich Writer

Email 1:

subject line email 1 PP.png
Email 1 payment plan series.png

Email 2:

email 2 subject line pp.png
email 2 payment plan.png


The Filthy Rich Writer team offers a 12-month payment plan as part of their sales system and they wanted to trial offering customers $100 off if they decide to pay off their plan in full (with the emails only going to people that have more than four months left on their plan). They wanted two emails as part of this series: one to introduce the early payoff reward and the other to act as a last chance reminder. As this series could be automated in the future, they did not want to add any specific dates.


Email 1 introduces the offer in a friendly tone, with the goal to get customers excited to pay back their payment plan early and save money. I made sure to praise the customer's initiative for taking advantage of the payment plan and reminded them of the benefits. I added urgency by giving a 7-day deadline to respond, without mentioning specific dates. 


Email 2 serves as a reminder of the offer's benefits (as well as the course itself), with the aim of urging more immediate action. I also encourage readers to think how the savings could help their copywriting business even further.



Two people actually went through with payoff - meaning the client was able to recouped $1255. They are now adding this sequence to the automated workflow for the folks using the 12-month payment plan.

feedback payoff plan emails.png
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