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Resources Landing Page 

Circuit Sales System


The Circuit Sales System team wanted to create a landing page pointing their audience to the resources that they recommend to support the management of their online business. This is a range of tools, software, and products that the CSS team like, enjoy, and affiliate for.


I made sure to use a helpful and experienced tone for this landing page so that people would see the brand as supportive and authoritative. As both students AND non-students of the Circuit Sales System would be visiting this page, I made sure not to exclude any potential visitors and focus on the common ground: the fact they are interested in running an efficient and profitable online course business.


From my own experience of working in the CSS team, I was able to incorporate real examples of how we are benefitting from these tools ourselves and show that these are authentic recommendations. I chose not to keep the CTAs uniform in the sense of "Get Asana", "Get Calendly" etc. as I wanted to use this as another opportunity to highlight the individual benefit of each tool.



Currently monitoring affiliate revenue for any potential increases!

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